PETA’s New Billboard Claims a West Texas Lab is Cruel to Animals

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

LUBBOCK - They claim a West Texas lab is cruel to animals.

A new billboard takes a shot at animal testing at Texas Tech University.

Some of those animals are bought from one of our own shelters here in the Permian Basin.

The sign is located on route 84 in Lubbock.

The board was put up by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or "PETA."

The group claims the cats are abused and killed.

The felines are used by med students while they're learning how to intubate babies.

Tech buys some of the cats from Odessa Animal Control.

The City of Odessa and the school says there is no abuse and they'll continue the contract, because it provides med students with valuable lab experience.

PETA meanwhile filed a complaint against Texas Tech with the U.S.D.A.