CPS: Make Sure Your Child’s Daycare is Legal

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

If you're looking for the perfect daycare to take care of the kids after school, make sure they're legal.

That's the message from Child Protective Services.

They're urging parents to choose places that are registered and licensed.

Unlicensed daycares may be cheaper, but they don't follow state guidelines.

All you have to do to find out is log on to your computer.

"If someone explains to you  I know someone who takes care of children and their excellent, look them up on that website. If that person is not on the website than that's a red flag to you as a parent because that means that provider is not licensed or registered with the State of Texas," Marleigh Meisner with Child Protective Services, said.

Parents can go online to texaschildcaresearch.org to see if a daycare is legal and you can also check their records.