State Awarded Money May Go Along Way for Midland County Housing Authority

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- It's a story NewsWest 9 first told you about two weeks ago, more than six million federal dollars will go into the Midland County Housing Authority cookie jar to help stabilize neighborhoods.

"We're looking to have an on site day care facility, on site beauty parlor, on site education training center." Maribel Estrella, Director of the Midland County Housing Authority said the agency wants to see the former Trinity Towers renovated by 2010.

The aging living space is expected to yield 118 comfortable studios and one or two bedroom units.

"Not only will we be bringing much needed housing to the residents of Midland County, we'll also be supplying companies with much needed jobs, which will hopefully in turn boost the economy," Estrella said.

35% of the federal money awarded to Midland by the state must be used to purchase abandoned, vacant, or foreclosed properties.

"It will be a ripple effect, because like I said, we'll be providing not just one family but we're looking at providing home ownership to forty different families in the community," Estrella said.

Families who make 50 percent or below the average annual income in Midland may qualify for assistance but Estrella explains how everyone may see a boost in their property values by possibly lowering crime and removing abandoned or vacant eyesores from areas all over the Midland County.

"We plan on purchasing vacant abandoned or foreclosed homes at a low cost and in turn resell them. We're looking at purchasing approximately forty homes and turning them over and reselling them." Estrella said each home will likely sell for 60,000 thousand dollars each but the agency plans to offer closing costs and down payment assistance to those who qualify.

The agency also plans to link up with Habitat for Humanity and other organizations to see to it the funding does in fact stabilize neighborhoods.