Jal Schools To Start Monday As Repairs Continue

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

JAL, NEW MEXICO - Teachers, students, and parents are finally gearing up for the start of school. It starts on Monday in Jal, New Mexico. Severe weather damaged school buildings there in June, and officials said they've already made lots of repairs. As NewsWest 9 learned, Jal residents can expect to see work crews on campus this month alongside students.

Some of the damage from the severe wind in June included split trees, solar heating panels ripped off roofs, a leaning tennis court fence, and roof woes at the elementary school.

"You know we would have been hard pressed to have school on Monday if this would of happened on a Sunday in the school year, it would have taken a couple days at least to get things cleared away and make it safe for the students," Jal Superintendent, Rick Furguson, explained.

Ferguson said loose limbs and branches have been cut down, one window repaired, and so far the buildings have been leak free. The repairs could cost close to 200,000 dollars, but for now Ferguson says they're ready for the students.

While some repair work will be on going this fall, Ferguson said there's plenty new in store for Jal students this year, including upgraded equipment for their interactive television system to help earn college credit.

In all, Ferguson said everything is ready to open the school year, as they continue to fix the rest of the damages.

Again, schools in Jal and Eunice, New Mexico are set for their first day on Monday. Students in Hobbs Municipal Schools head back to the books on Tuesday. Meanwhile, students in Lovington have already been back to class this week.