Weeds Spark Talk About Cleaning Up Town

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

PECOS- Unkept yards and overgrown weeds aren't a new problem in Pecos but with all the rain this summer they're contributing to a health hazard.

"It's very grody, very grody," Mildred Ferguson, a local resident said about the weeds and trash.

Two concerned citizens brought up the issue at Thursday's Pecos City Council meeting.

"The weeds contribute quite a bit to the mosquito problem." Code Enforcement Officer Mario Borrego said anywhere water collects can contribute to the mosquito problems.

"We'll spray two or three miles a day and then it rains and it will completely dilute the product," Borrego said the weed killer is similar to "Round-Up."

Borrego says they're training a new officer. The city also provides trailers to haul off trash and grass for needy and elderly residents.

"We go pick it up, we go dispose of it, and it's free of charge. If we have to come back again, we'll do it," he said.

Ferguson and others are hopeful by highlighting the issue other cleanup efforts around town will spring up faster than the weeds.

"We need everybody's help to get out and get the weeds cleaned," Ferguson said.