Portion of Flint Hills Plant to Remain Open

By Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Good news for an ailing Odessa economy.

Orion Pacific Incorporated and REXtac, LLC have completed the purchase of a portion of Flint Hills Resources bringing a big sigh of relief from many in the area.

You could hear that collective sigh of relief from more than 100 people who'll have someplace to keep earning a living as the production line for the plastic polymer will stay open.

That product is used globally for special adhesive products even asphalt and roofing materials.

it was almost a year ago that flint hills announced they would be closing the Odessa plant, leaving hundreds out of a job.

The buy-out by Orion Pacific and REXtac is a positive move for the City of Odessa, and Flint Hills employees, both old and new.

"To look up, 280 days later, to know we are going to continue to produce product out of this facility, a lot of families are going to benefit from this.  The city is going to continue to benefit from this.  It's really a win win for all of us," REXtac LLC, Business Director, Blake Batte, said.

"We feel like there is a breath of fresh air coming through.  Something that brings hope and invigorates, not only those of us that are already working over here, but the potential for contractors and suppliers even the impact on the City of Odessa itself," APAO Plant Manager, Bud Cagle, said.

Construction is underway on the campus. 

Concrete is being poured, and lots of things being moved and installed, and applications are being accepted for employment. 

Officials hope to have production up at 100 percent, by mid October.

Officials at Flint Hills would like to thank Odessa Economic Development Corp., the City of Odessa and the City Council, Salsbury Engineer, Ref-Chem, and all the men and women of Flint Hills, Huntsmen, and Orion Pacific for their help and support during all the negotiations.