Residents Concerned Over Water Outage at Odessa Apartment Complex

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Hundreds of Odessa residents remained without water Monday night at the Springwood Apartments on Harless Ave. after a plumbing problem stretched into day two. Tenants brought in buckets, bottles, jugs, and coolers of water just to make it through the evening. Many tell NewsWest 9 this isn't even the first time the water has gone out this Summer.

"We're thirsty and miserable," Anne Burney said sitting on a recliner inside her upstairs apartment.  Burney said she called the Red Cross, Odessa Links and other organizations asking for water on Monday.

"We've got a lot of elderly people like myself that don't have cars. There are families here with children, there's babies. There is a lady who recently had twins," She said she worried more for the families with small children.

Mothers like Cindy Crockett said she sent her children to stay with their father due to the outage. Like many Crockett said she's ready for a few modern conveniences.

"Hopefully it will be back on soon," she confessed she didn't expect the water to be turned back on Monday night.

"I am going to a friends house tonight to shower. I haven't showered in two days you can probably tell, so it's getting kind of irritating," Crockett said.

Some Tenants said they couldn't afford to wait much longer for the water to be restored.

"I wasn't able to go to work today. It was hard we have no water and we can't shower we can't use the bathroom in our own houses anymore," one angry resident said as he loaded empty plastic water containers to be filled.

The dishes were also piling up for many tenants.

"We're going to have to go get take out or something to eat tonight, because I have no more room for dishes, they're all dirty right now," Crockett said.

Management assured Newswest 9 they are addressing the problem but declined to comment further. A call into the owner of the complex went unanswered on Monday afternoon.

"I am really mad they could have called in professional plumbers or somebody to come do something, still they haven't done it," one neighbor complained.

Ector County Health Department officials said on Monday that they would send an inspector out Tuesday to observe the problem.

"They're not using professional plumbers. They're not calling anybody from outside except for the department people here and they're not experienced plumbers for a major problem," Burney said.