Odessa Residents Fed Up With Unkept Yard in Their Neighborhood

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--Residents along Meadow and Beechwood are concerned about the condition of the house on the corner.  The front yard is full of weeds, but you won't believe what it looks like from the back.

"There's old cars sitting there, old motors, old this, old that, an old satellite," Ernest Gainey, who lives next door, said.

Gainey has lived in his home for almost 50 years.   He says things started getting out of hand when his next door neighbor moved out, "About four years ago, whenever she left and quit living there.  When she lived there, I would see her out in the yard and ask her when they were going to cut the grass.  They didn't let it grow like it is now."

Gainey had a seven foot tall fence installed so he wouldn't have to look at the mess.  About a year ago, he says the weeds were taller than that fence, "A guy come and cleaned up that back, partially.   He cut those things with a chainsaw, believe it or not.   He had to have a chainsaw."

Making a shape the size of an orange with his hands, he added, "They got that big down at the bottom."

Despite calls to the city, Gainey and his neighbors feel their complaints are falling on deaf ears.

"The city is not ignoring it.  We work very diligently to make sure that every citizen comes in compliance of our laws.  There have been 2 notices issued on this particular property and the last notice was on August 5th," Andrea Goodson, with the City of Odessa, said.

Goodson says they take these complaints very seriously and work hard to enforce compliance, "Property owners are given a notice of an accumulation of weeds or junked vehicles or whatever the violation may be."

She added, they have 7-10 days to clean up the mess, otherwise, "If the property owner does not comply, at that point and time, the City of Odessa will issue a work order and we'll go in and clean it up ourselves."

Things are green now because of the rain,  but Gainey's concerns really grow during the winter months, "Somebody throwing a cigarrette or whatever out of a car, in the winter time.  When everything is dead, that backyard looks like a jungle and it's dry and it would burn me out in a heart beat."

He just wants something done, regardless of who does the job, "I would like to see it cleaned up.  I'm tired of it."