Pickup Policy at Odessa Daycare is Worth the Headaches

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--With over 100 children from newborn to age 12 enrolled, Linda's Little Angels isn't taking any chances when it comes the safety of anyone at their center.

"If they're on the list, have their photo ID, have their password for the computer,  then they are taken to the child," Owner Linda Coggins said as she explained the pick-up process.

Coggins has been keeping her angels safe for over 25 years.   She says the strict structure of the pick up policy is worth the occasional hassle that comes with it, "I do not want to be responsible for letting someone go with somebody they shouldn't have been going with."

Parents choose who will be allowed to pick up their children on any given day.  Even with their name on the list and a password assigned, one thing will keep them from taking little Johnny or Becky out the door.

"We inform the parent, that person is going to have to have a photo ID in order to pick up the child.  If they don't have that, they don't get the child," Coggins said.

As harsh as it sounds, Coggins said, there's a reason behind it, "It's not just our policy, it's state law.  We can't release the child to you because you don't have your driver's license and you're driving.  If we did that, we're liable."

And if you're picking up a toddler or infant, state law says you'll need something else.

"If they are picking up a younger child, they've got to have a car seat to go with that child.  If they don't have that, we can't release them," Coggins added.

Parents don't always agree, but in the end, everyone understands why things have to be done by the book.

"A lot of if has to do with the liability of the center.  I'm protecting myself as well as the children," she said.

Coggins says expectant mothers, interested in enrolling their children at her center, should leave a deposit ASAP.  Right now, there is a six month waiting list for newborns.  

There are, however, a few openings for three and four year olds.