Summer Days Attracting More Mosquitoes

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Summer is a time when most people are doing outdoor activities, but it's also a time where the risk of getting bit by mosquitoes are high.

"It's humid, very humid and people are sweating," Terry Jones with the Midland Fire Department, said.

While your sweat glands may attract these pests, there are other things that can draw attention to them.

"They're going to be worse in the evening. Keep all the free standing water away from your house. Keep away from gutters. Wear light clothing, dark attracts mosquitoes," Jones said.

Pools without enough chlorine and ponds around the neighborhood can serve as a breeding ground for mobs of mosquitoes.

"If the water turns green, it's a perfect breeding ground," Jones said.

"If you're outside, put repelent candles in the area. Drain any free standing water, that way it doesn't attract mosquitoes, also cut your weeds and high grass, because that will keep them there too," Paramedic Francisco Bejarano, said.

Not everyone is fond of spraying themselves with bug repelent.

"The spray stuff like OFF is greasy for me. I don't put it on. If I get bit I just run inside, but for my son there's a sunscreen bug repelent and they stay away with that," Midland Resident, Kristian Parras, said.

Health officials say it's the summer days where people need to take extra precaution in order to avoid becoming a mosquito magnet.