ONCOR Officials Continue Work to Restore Power to Customers

by Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Thousands of West Texans finally have their power back after the past nights of severe thunderstorms.

ONCOR officials say the number of people with their power back on is much higher than it was on Wednesday night, but those severe storms that rolled through overnight kept them plenty busy on Thursday.      

Crews had to deal with damage to power lines both in cities and out in the oilfield.

So far, they've reconnected power to thousands in the basin but are still working to fix about 50 individuals in Andrews, 20 in Ector County, 14 in Monahans, and just under a hundred in Midland.

They say mutliple nights with thunderstorms set them back a bit.

In fact, they said they've brought in crews from Dallas-Fort Worth as well as more local workers from Big Spring and Snyder, and they've been fixing all kinds of problems.   

"We had fuses, we have had some transformers that have had to be replaced, we've had around 32 poles that had to be replaced, we anticipate to find more poles, especially out in the oilfield that are going to need to be replaced, and those are problems that are caused by high winds or from tree branches that fall on the power line and pull it, and snap the pole," Sue Mercer, ONCOR Area Manager, said.

ONCOR officials tell NewsWest 9, troubleshooters have been working into the evening hours to help all those people who still don't have power.

They also say, it would be nice to get a break from the storms on Thursday night, but if we do get more severe weather, they'll be ready.

If you are still without power or want to report outages, ONCOR says you can call them at 1-888-313-4747.