West Odessa Home Severely Damaged by Wednesday Morning's Storm

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

WEST ODESSA - Massive power outages, downed power poles and destroyed roofs, all casualties of Wednesday morning's severe weather.

For some, that strong storm has left them picking up the pieces, and one West Odessa family is left with a home in ruins.

The Lara-Gonzales family's mobile home in ruins after the storm.
"It just hard with the two little ones, we were just glad we got out and didn't end up all over town in our trailer," Tammy Gonzalez said.

"Last night about one we heard the lightning, we got up and got in the closet, and then it started raining inside the closet." Eldia Lara, said.

The storm hit a full force, ripping the roof and the siding off of the home. A gust of 72 mph was reported overnight.

"There is a hole in our ceiling like this big," Gonzales said.

And leaving a family of six without a home that is liveable.

"Everything is wet, TVs, beds, floors, carpets, etc," Gonzalez said.

A power pole at Loop 338 and Business 20 was also a victim of Wednesday morning's storm, which was snapped in half.

Due to the massive power outages, ONCOR employees from Big Spring, Snyder, and Mineral Wells are assisting in the restoration, with more work groups from the Dallas-Fort Worth area also pitching in.

Cleanup continues across the basin as this family tries to rebuild.

"Any help would be great, lumber, carpeting, etc. We are just single parents trying to get back on our feet and a home for our kids," Gonzalez said.

If you would like to help the Lara-Gonzalez family, please call 238-2894.