New Digital Mammograms Give Quicker Results

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midland Memorial Hospital is trying to shave off some of the time it takes to get your mammogram results.

"Now since we're digital we've worked really hard. We can get them in the next day," Jason Swopes of Allison Women's Imaging, said.

Allison Women Imaging Center in Midland made the switch to digital mamography, and
the center says it eases patients' minds.

"We can eliminate the anxiety of waiting. We can now get them in as soon as we can," Robin Moore of Midland Memorial Hospital, said.

It's not just a time-saver. Midland Memorial Hospital says going digital gives them a better chance at detecting cancerous signs early on.

"It's really important to get results as quick as you can. Don't wait; early detection is the key. That's why we're proud of our new system. We can catch things early," Swopes said.