CAF Junior Cadet Academy Information

CAF Airpower Museum Press Release

MIDLAND, Texas (July 28, 2009) - Looking for something educational and fun for the kids this summer? The CAF Airpower Museum will host its annual Junior Aviation Cadet Academy, a program for 11-15 year olds, promoting aerospace education and leadership skills.  It is a four-morning (Tuesday through Friday, 9:00a.m. -12:00 p.m.) program packed with hands-on activities about the history of aviation and World War II, aerodynamics, flight plans, flight simulation and survival skills.  The camps are scheduled for July 28-31 and Aug. 18-21.  The cost is $50 for museum members, $75 for non-members. Each camp is limited to 40 cadets.

Junior Aviation Cadet Academy is broken into four main phases: Dynamics of Flight, Desert Survival, Flight History - World War II, and Air Combat Flight Simulation. In Dynamics of Flight, cadets build a balsa wood airplane, learn how it flies and hold a competition to see which plane remains in flight the longest. In Desert Survival, cadets are given a starter survival kit and taught how to perform such basic life-saving functions as building a shelter and starting a fire.  Flight History - World War II includes a tour of the museum and a learning exercise during which the cadets will plot a course from Midland International Airport to San Angelo and then will simulate the flight using a script, walkie-talkies and a C-54 fuselage.  In Air Combat Flight Simulation, cadets are trained in basic dog fighting maneuvers, and then placed with a flight simulator computer where they practice their dog fighting skills in simulated combat with each other.