"Cash for Clunkers" Offering Incentive for Your Old Car

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS - If your car takes in too much gas, or you're just embarrassed to drive your out-dated vehicle, then there may be an option for you.

"Get older vehicles off the road in exchange for getting a rebate for $4500," Michael Fisher of Nissan of Midland, said.

It's called the Cash for Clunkers Rebate Program, and here's how it works. If your car is no more than 25 years old it can qualify for a $4,500 rebate that must be used towards a new car, but there are other guidelines.

"The vehicle has to be registered under your name for more than a year. It has to be insured and driveable. The fuel economy must be 18 miles per gallon or less," Fisher said.

The purpose of the Cash for Clunkers program is to help the environment and help you save some extra cash.

"It's to help you get rid of old cars that aren't good on gas. The big reason is to drive more environmentally friendly, good for the ozone cars, and save you less on gas," Severo Enriquez  with Rogers Ford, said.

The clunkers are then collected as junk and never driven again.

"The Government is not going to sell your car they are going to scrap them because they don't want those cars on the road," Fisher said.

Dealerships say, even if your clunker is not qualified for the rebate, they still encourage you to bring them in.

"Still worth some value. Don't be afraid to bring them in. They can do a trade in and we'll give them a list of the cars they are qualified to buy," Enriquez said.

The rebate program will last until November 1st. For more information, you can log on to www.cars.gov