Midland Family Starts Organization to Help Poverty in Africa

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A Midland family is not letting a scam by a supposed volunteer organization get them down.

They wanted to give to African children in-need, and now they've started their own group to do it.

"You can never imagine how many children that are not going to school. That shocks me so much. I don't know where that country is going to be when all they know is begging," Meddie Mugoya, said.

For many children in Uganda, Africa poverty is the only life they know.

"A lot has been going on in Uganda, like war and AIDS, and all of this is taking lives. People are dying. They're hopless. They're refugees in their own country," Meddie said.

"The LRA is leaving a lot of people abandoned and orphaned," Sarah Mugoya, said.

For the Mugoya's, who live in Midland, they felt the urge to help those in Africa especially after finding out that the first organization Sarah worked for wasn't exactly benefiting the right people. 

"I started working for another organization in 2004 and it turned out to be corrupted. That's why we started our own called Africa Bridges of Hope," Sarah said.

Meddie and Sarah sell African jewelry to earn the money to build schools, but they hope to raise enough money to sponsor more children in Africa.

"Resources are tough, we have 18 kids right now, but now resources are restricting. We're hoping to partner with churches and people to get that going," Sarah said.

"I'm calling everyone to help us. We can't do everything but one child can make a difference. Someone might be a teacher, or a doctor because they need healthcare," Meddie said.

For both Meddie and Sarah, dedicating their time and effort is getting them a step closer to building that bridge of hope.

The Mugoya's are hoping to partner with a Church to help sponsor more children. If you would life more information, click here to visit their website.