Pecos Animal Control Stepping Up Enforcement Efforts

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

PECOS - Tickets, warnings, and impoundments. The list of reports for Animal Control in Pecos is getting to be pretty long. Last month, the Police Department began stepping up their efforts to crack down on owners who don't take care of their pets.

"We've increased our enforcement," Chief Clay McKinney explained. "We've had some officers come in on overtime and assist with the Animal Control efforts, and we've had [an] arrest lately and we've had some dangerous dog terminations. So, our enforcement has stepped up."

Police in Pecos will tell you they're always enforcing the law, but in the last month Animal Control efforts are up. In early June, the Pecos City Council asked police to increase enforcement, and Chief McKinney told NewsWest 9 a new Animal Control officer, new animal shelter, and extra help from police are a plus. However, he said they also need help from pet owners.

"The community is our eyes and ears, and we can't be everywhere all the time," Chief McKinney said. "We rely on those people to call us and let us know if there is a problem out there, and we really appreciate that and we need that cooperation."

Chief McKinney said Pecos doesn't have any more or less of a problem with animals compared to other nearby towns. However, for all those problems that do come up, Officer Holly Jarocki is there, taking care of dogs at the shelter, and her regular calls around town.

"The common theme is the loose dogs right now," Officer Jarocki said. "And being warm, they tend to roam looking for a cooler shelter, water, possibly food."

Police say with the possibility of stray dogs carrying rabies or other diseases, right now it's important to make sure they have their shots and a collar.

"So that just in case the animal does get loose that the community, whoever happens to run across the dog or cat for that matter doesn't have to be worried about if the animal might be rabid, might be ill," Officer Jarocki added.

With the resources and support from Pecos residents, Animal Control and Police said they will continue to watch any and all problems in town.

"Everybody is on board to make sure that we are successful in this endeavor," Jarocki said.