Eminent Domain Hearing Begins in Andrews

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS COUNTY - A special commission held an eminent domain hearing on Wednesday morning to talk about the few acres Waste Control Specialists still does not own the rights to. 

That's a big stumbling block for the multi million facility. For them to continue their project for the disposal plan in Andrews County, WCS needs to own all the mineral rights in that area.
The owners of those rights are not happy with the price being offered. WCS says they're offering the same thing everyone else got. 

"We've provided exact same offer we did for Exxon Mobile and 13 other professional oil and gas companies that accepted our offer, but we have not recieved a favorable response. This process is to ensure us moving forward," WCS President, Rodney Baltzer, said.

The fight for the mineral rights is not over. Both sides will be back in court on Thursday.