Sex Education Class Draws Protestors

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - As groups of kids walked into class for sex education, other's stood outside spreading a different message.

"It's not an option to kill a child," Protestor, Tony Bustillo, said.

Planned Parenthood held their first sex education class in Midland on Tuesday, but not without a visit from organizations like ProLife and Midland Catholics for Life with a curriculum of their own.

"Educating 5th graders about sex fosters clients for thier abortion clinics and it makes them promiscuous," Michael Banschbach with ProLife Midland, said.

"It's up to us as a family, it's our responsibility to teach our children," Bustillo said.

A large group of ProFife activists handed out pamphlets on Planned Parenthood's stance on abortion, but Planned Parenthood says abortion isn't even on the agenda.

"No it doesn't even touch the subject. We're talking about hygiene, puberty, it's all age appropriate for this group," Carla Holeva with Planned Parenthood, said.

Holeva says she's not surprised that ProLife decided to come to their event.

"It's interesting that they're out there today. This is for 5th graders. They're standing out there with nasty signs, it's bullying. You're really stepping in a parent's decision on how to educate a child," Holeva said.

"It's aimed at youngters. They may not say the word of abortion today, but being promiscuous leads to unwanted pregnancies and possibly abortion," Banschbach said.

ProLife says whether Planned Parenthood's class talked about abortion or not, they still feel that parent's should be the one to discuss sex with their children.

"In this day and age when info is available both good and bad, you've got to be careful where they're getting it," Banschbach said.

"We have numerous calls from parents asking us for help, and that's where Planned Parenthood steps in. We're supplying what 80% of Texas wants," Holeva said.

Carla Holeva of Planned Parenthood says the turn out from Tuesday's event was a success, and they plan on making the "Knowledge is Power" Program an annual class.