Neighbors React to Midland Standoff

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Those road closures and evacuations caused big headaches for folks living at Green Tree Country Club. Midland Police units blocked off several streets inside the Green Tree Country Club neighborhood from about 11 on Monday morning through the late afternoon. While it did make it hard for neighbors to get around, the evacuation was what sent many into a panic.

"It was quite a shock," Green Tree Neighbor, Kaitlin Pearce, said.

"We were outside and they told us to go back in closer to the door because if we could see him then we were in danger," GreenTree Neighbor, Chelsea Rodawalt, said.

Police blocked off Driftwood and Greentree roads and evacuated homes North and South of the Driftwood residence.

"They just told us we needed to leave and it wasn't good for us to be here," Brook Malloy, an evacuated neighbor, said.

The Malloy family lives right across the street from the standoff. They say police combed each property making sure neighbors were out of harm's way.

"I saw the SWAT team waiting for somone to come out of the house, then I heard them talk on the megaphone trying to get him to come out," Malloy said. "I was worried, I didn't think anything would happen to me, but I was scared for what was going to happen to him."

"We tried knocking on the door at first and he didn't respond and then we further found out he had several weapons inside the residence," Lt. Ray Leible said. "Then we called for our negotiation team and tactical team."

After attempts to reach the man failed, they sent in the robot.

"The robots were brought in because a robot is replaceable - a human life isn't," Lt. Leible said. "We sent the robot in and it did a great job, it has a camera on it. We were able to locate the subject and feed that information into the tactical team who made entry and secured the guy for his own safety."

Police and neighbors tell NewsWest 9, a scene like this one is almost unheard of in Green Tree.

"It was strange for that to happen because he's a really nice guy and I didn't know what was going on," Malloy said.

"I just moved out here so it was a shocker, did I move to the wrong neighborhood," Pearce said. "I was shocked that this happened. It is a safe neighborhood."

"Nothing ever happens on this street, it's really peaceful and nice," Rodawalt said. "A few golf carts go by, but nothing like this."

And everyone tells NewsWest 9, they're just grateful for a peaceful ending.

"There were weapons accessible to him in the bedroom where he was located, but thankfully for everyone involved, he didn't use them and everyone is going home safe," Lt. Lieble said.

Midland Police tell NewsWest 9, there are no criminal charges at this time. Officials took the man to the emergency room where he's undergoing a mental health evaluation.