Odessa Family Picketing for Pit Bulls in Odessa

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Tell your family you're bringing home a pit bull and chances are you won't get a good reaction.

In fact, Odessa Animal Control won't even adopt that breed out, but one man and his family is looking to change all that.

"Blame the deed, not the breed."

That's the message Michael Arbuckle and his son are trying to send to West Texans.

"They're aggressive dogs because of whoever owned them, not because of who they are," Arbuckle said.

The pair camped out in front of the Odessa Animal Control building on Monday afternoon because they say the center's not giving pit bulls a fair shot.

"I want them to start letting these pit bulls get a good home, get a good life," Arbuckle said.

Any pit bulls that come in the Animal Control's doors, don't go out, instead they're put to sleep, something Arbuckle says needs to change.

"If it attacks somebody, then by all means, it's not eligible to go home. If it's being a good dog, let it find a home," Arbuckle said.

Arbuckle also said he won't give up until he gets the message across, loud and clear.

"I'll keep standing out here and I'll keep screaming and hollering until finally I see something change. And I hope there's other people out there who're more than happy to come do it with me," Arbuckle said.

NewsWest 9 did call Animal Control after regular business hours, so they were unavailable for comment.