Commissioners Court Orders Removal of Trash Dumpsters From County Right of Way

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Take a look down any county road in Midland County and you'll likely find trash dumpsters near the road. Midland County officials say the issue becomes a liability in the event of an accident. On Monday, the Commissioners decided to order residents to remove any trash dumpsters from the county's right of way within 120 days.

"We felt like it had become a safety issue because of the numbers and where they were placed," Precinct 2 Commissioner Robin Donnelly said. "We're not trying to inconvenience folks. What we're trying to do is make our roadways safe."

Homeowners like Barry Cole, who lives off Cotton Flat, say the order will cause other problems.

"That means I'll have to take down part of my fence and move [the dumpster] onto my property or I am going to have to have Duncan Disposal pick it up." Cole said he fears some residents won't have the resources nor the room to move the dumpsters onto their property.

"I am concerned about illegal burning, it will have an increase on illegal burning which will be a further burden on our county and further burden on our fire personnel, " Cole said. "I am also concerned about the amounts of litter and refuge going out onto our right of ways."

Commissioner Donnelly said he didn't expect to see more trash burning or litter in the County.

"It's state law that you can't put anything in the right of way and so it's already in existence, it's just that we haven't had strict enforcement of it at this point," Donnelly said.

Commissioners are asking residents to alert County officials to any illegal dumping or burning.