Midland Farmers Market Becoming a Growing Trend

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Look around and you'll find something that cathches your eye. Vendors fill the street selling everything from fresh watermelons, organic honey, and custom made jewelry, and it's all part of the Midland's Farmers Market.

"It's the only place you can sell handcrafted, grown products without a license or a store," Vendor, Sarah Mayugo, said.

"On Saturday's, I say let's go to the farmers market. We try to get whatever fresh produce is available," Midland Farmer's Market Shopper, Rice Freeman, said.

Jackeline Domninguez's family has been growing produce for years, and she says the Farmers Market is the best place to give people a taste of what she has to offer.

"Lots of people, so many vendors. You're getting so much more here. You're getting fresh produce. You're getting produce grown by local people. It's a good way to support the local economy," Dominguez said.

The Famers Market in Midland started in October of 2007, and since then it's been expanding; going from 3 vendors to 25.

"Oh my goodness, the public has really embraced it and people keep coming," Mayugo said.

"It's part of the green movement in a place where that hasn't been an option. I think a lot of people weren't used to this concept and now they've adapted to it," Farmer's Market Creator, Matt Hanson, said.

Hanson started the Midland's Famers Market, and he says it's a growing trend since more people are wanting to eat healthier.

"A lot of people are more aware of where their food comes from. This is another way of shopping at organic stores," Hanson said.

"If you come here, you're supporting Midland's farmers. Plus it's organic, no pesticides like others stores have them," Freeman said.
As many shoppers say, the Farmers Market is a shopping trend that many locals have come to appreciate.
"It's great. People are doing a great job in supporting it," Freeman said.

"As long as they'll have us, we'll be here," Mayugo said.

The Midland Farmer's Market is held every Saturday in Downtown Midland from 9a.m. - 1p.m.