Melted Asphalt Damages More Than a Dozen Cars in Fort Stockton

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON - Another problem with sealcoating has popped up in West Texas, this time in Fort Stockton.

There's quite a mess to clean up on the roads, but this time, the City's not pitching in to pick up the tab for repairs.

"There was tar everywhere. It was hanging down," Yuri Wislar, who's car was damaged, said.

Driving down Sanderson Highway in Fort Stockton on Wednesday afternoon might have left you in a sticky mess.

"I was going and suddenly I heard my car come to a stop. I saw the road shiny so I had to push on the gas and my tires just kept spinning and it couldn't go,"  Wislar said.
More than a dozen cars were damaged while driving through the melted road, city officials say the temperature is to blame.

"The extreme heat is quite literally causing the the road to melt. The rock sitting on the asphalt is causing it to bleed. It is directly related to the heat," Fort Stockton City Engineer, Raul Rodriguez, said.

The road is being worked on right now, but city officials say they're not responsible for the damages caused by Wednesday's incident.

"For the city to be liable, city workers have to be out there working and spraying tar while drivers pass through," Rodriguez said.

"They should have at least put up a sign to warn us," Edgar Wislar, who's car was also damaged, said.

"They should be more responsible and let us know, especially if they just paved the road. They should just be on it, not careless,"  Wislar said.

Rodriguez says a situation like this is out of their control.

"The only warning that by law we have to put up is when we're working but once the work is done, the sign comes down, there is no warning for this situation," Rodriguez said.

As for those with damaged cars, they'll just have to pull themselves out of a sticky situation.