Two Orphaned Dogs Get New Home

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

In February of 2009, Maddie and Gabe, two Rottweilers escaped a house fire in Midland County that claimed the life of their owner.

Gabe suffered smoke inhalation and veterinarians speculate that Maddie stayed by her owner's side as long as possible and was severely burned.

"We didn't realize how badly she was burned until we got her outside, we got her into the truck on a blanket and immediately brought her here to Angel Vet," Connie Aguirre with Odessa Humane Society, said.

With the help of the Odessa Humane Society and public donations, Maddie battled her way through more than fifteen surgeries.

"She is a tough dog even when she was in horrible pain, she kept wanting to go," Dr. Becky Battershell with Angel Veterinary Clinic, said.

Her constant canine companion, Gabe, made her will to live even stronger.

"A lot of her recovery was due to him, her willingness to live was because of him," Aguirre said.

Now almost five months later, Maddie and Gabe are on their way to a new home in Gainsvielle, Texas.

"When you see the pictures, it just makes you cry. Unless you have done this, you don't know what the will of a dog is to live and I was like I need her," Stephanie Olssen, the new owner said.

Olssen was touched by the pictures on the Internet of the injured dogs and decided to adopt them to add to her own rescue group at home.

"She will probably end up staying with me in the bedroom until we know how she is doing and everything and she will be good," Olssen said.

More surgeries could be in the future for Maddie, she is off pain medicine and back to her old playful self.

"She had the spirit and the drive to make it, that is why we continued her care, she was so willing to live we had to give her that chance," Aguirre said.