New Program Created To Educate Grade Schoolers About Sex

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS - Talking to your child about sex can be tough.

"Most parents tell us this is one of the hardest conversations," Carla Holeva with Planned Parenthood, said.

If you need some help to approach the subject, you're in luck. Planned Parenthood's program is called "Knowledge is Power." It's a sex education class geared for kids going through some of their most tumultuous years.

"At 5th and 6th grade is when they get interesting questions. 7th and 8th grade is when peer pressure and some sex activity starts," Holeva said.

Holeva also says starting the sex talk early in life can prevent some major problems later on.

"They're going to be able to come in to get honest, age appropriate sex education. Studies show that kids that get info early will less likely become involved in early pregnancy," Holeva said.

While The Life Center in Midland's main focus is abstinence, they agree sexual education programs are vital in grade school children.

"Sex ed programs are the key to providing information to youth, so they can make healthy choices about their sex life. Some researches show that you might want to educate them earlier than that," Ryan Loyd with the The Life Center in Midland, said.

Both Planned Parenthood and The Life Center say a combination of sex ed classes, and parent involvement is key in getting the message across.

"You have to give the info that students need and let them make healthy choices," Loyd said.

The Education Foundation of America gave Planned Parenthood a two year grant for the "Knowledge is Power" program.

The program will take place next Tuesday in Midland at the Martin Luther King Center and Wednesday in Odessa at Odessa College.

The event costs 10 dollars.