Weekend Storms Destroy Roofs on Three Local Non-Profit Buildings

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - On the Fourth of July, as everyone was gathered for a celebration, something came unexpectedly.

"We were just hanging out enjoying the day and it started raining. Next thing you know, it got loud and windy. Within seconds something hit the center." Pastor Scott Reynolds with Midland Teen Challenge, said.

That's when folks at teen challenge looked out their windows to find themselves surrounded by a storm.

"We lost the roof of some of our buildings, damage to our vehicles and freezer. It was just a bad afternoon at Teen Challenge," Reynolds said.

Employees say the remnants of their buildings were scattered around the area.

"Part of the roof we found was on County Road 150. That's hundreds of hundreds of feet just flying through the air." Reynolds

About 85 students and staff members live on the Teen Challenge intervention campus and everyone here says they're grateful it was just the structures that got the worst of it.

"Thank God no one was hurt, they were all by the window watching." Reynolds said.

"It's a miracle. If you look at the damage none of the windows were busted out. Students were safe and no one was occupying the house that was hit. It's just a miracle." Teen Challenge Men's Director, Troy Clawson, said.

The non-profit business that helps people in need is now turning to the community for help.

"That's what we keep hoping for today. That people will be aware that we need volunteers to clean up. Yes, we need volunteers to clean up, money for supplies, but for the most important thing is people's prayers," Reynolds said.

Pastor Reynolds says the damages will cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000.

He says when it comes to their insurance; every building has its own deductible, so it's going to be difficult to rely on insurance money to get the buildings back in order.