Independence Day TEA Parties Held in Odessa, Crane

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA/CRANE - While many are celebrating Indepedence Day with events all across the Basin, others say now is a good time to redeclare America's independence.

Residents in Odessa held a second TEA party protest on Saturday afternoon at Memorial Gardens Park.

Several speakers discussed everything from government responsiblity to the national debt among many other issues.

The TEA parties around the Country are protesting what they are calling excessive federal spending.

Saturday's speakers encouraged West Texans to get involved and make a difference.

Organizers say they braced themselves for the hundreds who gathered on Saturday.

The last TEA party protest in Odessa in April had hundreds in attendance.

Odessa residents aren't the only ones redeclaring their independence.

On Saturday, Crane residents held another TEA party.

Residents their say federal government spending is so high, it's leaving them in bondage.

Protestors say they hope TEA parties around the Country will make their message clear.