Howard College Unveils New Mobile Go Center

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Fourth of July festivities were in full swing in Big Spring on Friday night. While some were celebrating, others were trying to pass on a message to kids: Go to College. Thanks to thousands of dollars worth of grant money, Howard College built a brand new Mobile Go Center.

"We would like for them to come to Howard [College], but whatever they want to do is up to them and we're here to help them," Jeff Ward, Outreach Director for Howard College, explained.

Ward told NewsWest 9, a newer, bigger recruiting tool will soon be traveling all over West Texas. The Mobile Go Center made it's debut on Friday at the 12th Annual Pops in the Park at Comanche Trail Park. The trailer is a generator operated moving computer lab.

"It's a billboard for Howard College on the outside, on the inside we can do everything you want from financial aid information, scholarship information, apply for Howard College, and apply to various Universities in the State of Texas," Ward said. "The exciting thing about it is we can take Howard College to you. Everything we can do on any of our four campuses, we can do in the Mobile Go Center."

Ward said the satellite on top provides internet for the 21 computers inside. In addition, a 42 inch flat screen is a plus for Pwerpoint presentations. A couple of grants paid for the center, which Ward said is all about encouraging West Texas students to go to College.

"What's happening is especially with the economy today is a lot of students will graduate high school and go to work, trying to earn money for their family," Ward explained. "And what we are trying to do is set forth saying if you go to College you're making more money for your family in the long run."

That means promoting Howard College among other schools, all as options.

"What's best for the student is our interest. Our interest is to help the students as much as we can, whether their best interest is to come to Howard College, or if their best interest is to go to Texas A&M University or a higher University in Texas," Ward added.

Officials say you can expect to start seeing the Go Center cruising all over West Texas.

"We're trying to hit everybody that we can," Ward said. "Every community that we can go into, we're trying to get them to apply for College and create a better life for themselves."

Ward said they plan to roll out the Mobile Go Center again to give the public a chance to check it out in August. Officials told NewsWest 9, they already have plans to use it plenty this fall.