City of McCamey Under Construction

by Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

McCAMEY- Construction crews continued to work on the new City Hall in McCamey on Thursday. Just a mile or so from the site construction crews are building a new club house at the Country Club. City Leaders say the changes around town are visible.

"We're busy as a bunch of little bees," Mayor Sherry Phillips said about the construction. "We've gotten a lot of comments from people about how it looks bette. It's not as dirty, there's not as much trash."

The cost of converting the old fire and ambulance bays into the new City Hall is about $200,000 dollars Phillips said.

"I already think it looks a hundred percent better than it did just a year ago," Darcy Lynch, a member of MOP or McCamey Operation Pride, an affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful, said. "We pick a spot that needs to be cleaned up and we meet early like at 8:30 that morning and we just start cleaning. Picking up trash, mowing, weeding. Whatever we need to do."

The city received a $350,000 dollars in a community action grant to help low income homeowners rebuild or repair outdated homes.

"If your home can not be brought up to standard with 25,000 dollars, they're going to knock it down and build you a new one." Phillips said the projects are paying off, "People are getting interested and seeing that the community is improving. "

The Governor also awarded the city a grant for $64,000 dollars recently. Phillips said it will be used on to build a TX project.

"We have a long way to go but if we keep at it. And you know the more you do the more people see and are willing to do their part," Lynch said.

The City recently applied for a grant to put sidewalks in on 5th Street, and has already broken ground on a new wellness center at the hospital.