TCEQ Officials Hold Another Meeting Over Contaminated Well Water

by Michael Stafford
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - There is progress being made, but too slowly for those homeowners who want answers right now.

About 150 residents gathered at the Midland County Horseshoe to voice their concerns.

NewsWest 9 has learned that the TCEQ has expanded its test site, just north of I-20, all the way to County Road 120.

And officials tell NewsWest 9, they're very close to finding the boundaries of the contaminated area.

38 wells have tested positive for chromium so far and the state has tested about 130 wells in all.

Another big development is the state is trying desperately to get on a federal superfund list to get more government aid to help remedy this situation.

The main concern for residents is simply to get good, clean water as soon as possible.

"So it's not safe, and they've already said the only safe alternative to rectify this whole thing is to get some other kind of drinking water.  We said that at the last meeting, they've even admitted that's really the only source to help our problem." Midland County Resident Janet Null, said.

'Are you pleased with the investigation?' NewsWest 9 asked. "I wish it was faster," Null said.

"In July, we'll begin the very specific sampling and everything we'll have to do for the EPA to begin considering this as a federal superfund site.  Then the EPA would come perhaps, and start helping people with remediation." TCEQ Representative Terry Clawson, said.

One Midland City Councilman also showed up to talk about the possible annexation, so County residents can get city water.

Most say they can't imagine continuing to rely on filters to get useable water and numerous others have health related concerns.

For now, the TCEQ says it will continue to monitor chromium levels, but it appears there won't be any quick solutions and sadly enough, this nightmare may not end for years to come.