Trash for Cash in Andrews

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - Getting cash for your trash. It's the newest incentive for non-profits in Andrews. NewsWest 9 got a look at the newest program aiming to clean up city streets.

"It's something that can get out of hand, if you're not careful with it," Scott Wallace with Andrews Community Services, said.

So the city designed a brand new program called Green Exchange. Starting on Monday, they're paying cash to non-profits and community groups willing to pick up all the bags and bottles.

"You pick up the garbage, the cash is green that goes back to the non-profit group, and at the same time, it helps our environment and our community in general," Wallace said.

The project is funded by the city and local businesses. Southwest Realty is one of the companies that jumped on board.

"It shows the community cares about the community," Business Owner, Lonna Blevel, said. "The appearance of the community when you do that - keeping it cleaned and picked up."

The city is offering different amounts of money to clean up lots all over town. One just off of Main St. is one of the worst, and any group willing to clean it up could get up to $500.

"It takes some of the green from companies and puts it in the hands of the non-profit groups that do fundraisers throughout our community," Wallace said.

Each group signs up at City Hall. The volunteers will put on the gear, load up the trash, and after an inspection, the city will pay out the cash.

"Overall, we'd like to clean up our whole community but we're going to start with our major thoroughfairs first," Wallace said.

"I think it will be a domino effect," Blevens said. "Just like when you paint or clean your yard, your neighbors want to do the same thing."