Andrews County Officials Offering Firework Safe Zone for Residents

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS COUNTY - For the first time in Andrews County, officials have designated safe place at the old rodeo area for the Fourth of July celebration.

"It will be open on July the 4th from four pm to midnight, and a water truck will be there, county personnel and firefighters conditions permitting, and people can go out and have fun and pop their firecrackers," Andrews County Emergency Management Coordinator, Mike Cook, said.

Drought conditions are not as extreme this Fourth.

"Last year they didn't get to do that at all, because we were in extreme drought conditions, but this year we are giving people a place to play," Cook said.

Fireworks are not allowed in the city and are only allowed in the County on private property and you must have the owner's permission.

"They only thing that we ask them to do is to use that safe zone, not on the roads and pick up their trash," Cook said.

Cook advises everyone to still use caution.

"Still a possibility that we will have some fires, not as bad as last year, but not as good as we would like to see," he said.