32 Arrested in Large Drug Investigation

KERMIT - A big drug bust in West Texas has sent close to three dozen suspects to jail.

There are still a few more arrests in the works, but so far 32 people have been rounded up and taken in to custody. The arrests happened in Kermit, Odessa and Iraan.

"It's a great day in Kermit. We're happy these people are going some where else," County Attorney Scott Tidwell said.

All but six will be prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney's Office. According to officials working on the case, the round up took months of investigating, including undercover work.     

"We're cleaning up the town and helping out the community," Kermit Police Chief Scott Williams says it's a win for the community, "This is something that needed to be done."

DEA, Kermit Police and law enforcement from all over the area spent the early morning hours Friday tracking down the men and women they say were dealing cocaine in the small town.

Authorities split up in teams, knocked on doors and broke in with warrants when they needed to.

Kermit Police Chief Scott Williams says this will go along way to cleaning up Kermit.

People in town tell us they're not surprised by the bust, but they're glad to see these suspects are no longer selling on the streets.

"It doesn't shock me. A little town there is nothing to do and not very much money and the oil field is down," Resident, Patricia Austin, said. "Of course all the families are worried about it. Especially with their children. They're so vulnerable."