Fine Jewelers in the Basin Letting Customers Trade-In Old Gold

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND/ODESSA - It's the kind of thing you'd see on a TV commercial: trading in your old, gold jewerly for cash. Now, West Texans have other options to do just that at Fine Jewelers in the Basin. On Thursday, NewsWest 9 learned more on how a nationwide trend is becoming the norm in the Permian Basin.   

"They were telling me I should have done it a year ago, and we just said it's time. It's just something we said this is another step in our customer service that we are going to offer to our clients," Cathy Fleck, owner of Occasions Fine Jewelry in Midland, said.

Trading in old jewelry is something you might have used at a pawn shop, but not at Occasions. Fleck said recycling the metal is something brand new there.

"The nice thing about coming to a Fine Jewerly store, because I know a lot of people don't think of that, is that is a place that you feel comfortable with," Fleck explained. "You are familar with that jewelry. That respects you as a client."

Fleck said it's important to test the metal.

"Every single thing is sorted and weighted into 10 carat, 14 carat, or 18 carat or whatever it is, and then it's tested, we actually use an acid test to make sure that it is what it is," Fleck said.

Fine jeweler Israel "Isy" Galvan in Odessa said trading in gold is actually a majority of his regular business.

"We take in old gold and we melt it down, re-alloy it if necessary, and just reform into whatever people like whether it be new chains, bracelets, majority just normally rings," Galvan explained.

Galvan said jewelry is personal, which is why he said Fine Jewelry stores are a good option for customers to trade-in local, and someplace they trust.

"You know, we've got just that one-on-one conversation, and they can see what we do," Galvan said. "We weigh it out in front of them. We let them know how much each lot is worth, and I think they feel a lot more comfortable with that."

Fine Jewelries will tell you the trend is becoming part of the norm here in West Texas.