Family Holding Fundraiser to Purchase Seizure Alert Dog

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - 12-year-old Lee Balderas can't do what other kids his age enjoy doing.

"When he was 10 he had 2 major seizures,  I didn't know what was going on," Lee's Mother, Patricia Torres, said.

Just last month he was diagnosed with epilepsy, which causes him to have unexpected seizures.

"We just have to watch him go through it. It's hard. Sometimes he stiffens up when he has it and makes a crying noise. He shakes and turns blue and sometimes we have to put him on his side," Torres said.

Wtih Lee's condition, he must be supervised at all times, and even that can sometimes become emotional.

"Keep him from choking on his tongue, keep him breathing. It's scary, it's a lot more than it seems.   Even if a doctor says it's not all serious; every seizure is serious," Lee's Stepfather, Angel Torres, said.

The Torres family could use extra help when caring for Lee which is why they are putting together a fundraiser barbeque to help afford a seizure alert dog, one that is vital to Lee's condition.

"We want to get him this dog because it's trained to know before or when he's having a seizure, they'll train him on the all the signs," Patricia Torres, said.

It's not just during a seizure when the service dog can help Lee.

"After a seizure he can't walk or stand cause it hurts. The dog will be there to get what he needs," Patricia Torres, said.

Patricia says she hopes others will learn from her son's condition, and lend a helping hand.

"I wish people knew more about epilepsy. I wish there would be some organization. Maybe him and I can do it ourselves and help others who have epilepsy," Patricia said.

The Torres family will be holding the fundraiser BBQ at Moss Lake in Big Spring on July 4th and they hope to raise enough money to purchase the seizure alert dog which costs about $5,000.