Tax Free School Supplies List

AUSTIN) -- Great news for back-to-school shoppers. For the first time since it began in 1999, the annual August sales tax holiday will include many school supplies.

"A lot of families look forward to saving their hard earned money during the sales tax holiday weekend," Texas Comptroller Susan Combs said.  "Now they can make their back-to-school budgets stretch even further because more than two dozen school supply items will be tax-free."

House Bill 1801 identifies school supplies priced less than $100 that will be exempt from state and local sales tax for the tax-free weekend.  Pens, crayons, calculators, notebooks, rulers, scissors and lunch boxes are a few of the items on the list.  The full list can be found below.
These items are in addition to school backpacks and most clothing and shoes priced less than $100 that are already tax-free the weekend of Aug. 21-23.

The Comptroller's office is sending information to retailers about implementing the expanded sales tax holiday.

Binders Legal pads
Blackboard chalk Lunch boxes
Book bags Markers
Calculators Notebooks
Cellophane tape Paper (loose leaf ruled notebook paper, copy paper, graph paper, tracing paper, manila paper, colored paper, poster board, construction paper)
Composition books Pencil boxes and other school supply boxes
Crayons Pencil sharpeners
Erasers Pencils
Folders (expandable, pocket, plastic, manila) Pens
Glue, paste and paste sticks Protractors
Highlighters Rulers
Index cards Scissors
Index card boxes Writing tablets