Bishop Blesses the Oil Patch

by Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND CO.- Streamers led the way for dozens of Catholics as they flocked to the oil patch for prayer. Unlike a traditional mass, Tuesday's Annual Rural Mass entitled "Seed, Soil and Oil," was hosted outside of the four walls of a church. Park benches replaced pews and no worshiper thought twice about leaving their hats and sunglasses on during the service. Many used umbrellas to block the sun.

"Usually we go out to a farm or a ranch but this year we wanted to go out to an oil field and to thank the Lord for the beautiful blessing for the gift of oil and gas and so many other minerals that come out of the ground." Bishop Michael Pfeifer, of the Diocese of San Angelo, blessed and honored oil field workers.

When asked if he prayed for good oil prices, Bishop Pfiefer said people come first.

Many showed up to pray for an economic turnaround.

"I work at an oil company and we're hurting right now. Our people are hurting and anything we can do to help out would be wonderful and I believe in prayer," Mary Munoz, who joined the congregation off County Road 1297 in Midland County, said.

The songs and service lasted into the early evening.

Diane Luna also prayed for those who have lost their jobs.

"I understand the plight. We went through the boom and then we went down through a bust. We've been there," Luna said.