Million Dollar Trail Paving the Way in Midland

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

A walk in the park, a stroll through a garden, and a night out under the stars to some is ideal on a Summer day. And on Tuesday morning, it's at the top of the Midland City Council agenda. They're considering a million dollar renovation to Hogan Park. It's a project conceived by a slew of state and city leaders.

"It's going to be neat because we're going to have an outdoor teaching pavillion, we're going to have a big fire pit out there where Burr Williams can tell stories at night and look at the stars," Wallace Craig, Sibley Nature Center Board Member, said. "It gets pretty exciting."

It's the first ever renovation to the Nature Center at Hogan Park and a chance to quadruple the size of the current trails traveled by thousands of kids every year.

"I think it has a really wide appeal," Richard Galle, Director of Operations said. "People love to be outdoors. It's right on the edge of town so it's easy and convenient."

And it was a community-wide endeavor: half a million came from state funding, the rest from local businesses, private donors, and the City of Midland.

"We worked hard, the Board worked hard, and a lot of people in Midland worked hard to match what the state was giving us," Craig said.

They'll upgrade the pond, add a wildlife feeding zone, an outdoor pavillion with a fire pit, plant new gardens, and spruce up the Learning Ccenter.

"The trail is used pretty heavily as it is, but now there will be interpretive signage and all sorts of things for people to do and see," Galle said.

At this point all that's needed is a thumbs-up from the City Council during their meeting. The director expects the park should be ready to go by next April.