Fathers Catch Up on Latest Technology on Father's Day

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Pay no attention to the faltering economy.

"If there's new technology, dads love it," Best Buy Manager Mike Williams, said.

Every hot, new item you can imagine is being put to the test this Father's Day.

"LCD screens, flat panel TV, GPS, laptops, and especially the new iPhones," Williams said.

"A big screen TV with surround sound. That's what we always wanted cause we watch movies every night, so they thought they'd treat me. I've never had a big screen, so this is the best so far," Father, Lawrence Thibeault, said.

Whether it's the latest plasma TV, or navigation system, NewsWest 9 found dads pretty much just want the latest version of their favorite toys more than anything else.

"Last Father's Day, he started talking about a GPS; yes he keeps up with technology, but to him that's a must," Shopper, Leanne Phillips, said.

Even during these tough times, some shoppers are keeping up with the latest crazes by stretching their dollars.

"You've seen a different trend. A lot more value shoppers going on. People being a lot more price cautious. Just making their money goes a lot further. They're still getting new technology, they're just being smart with their budget," Williams said.

Some are saving by taking advantage of promotional offers.

"If you can do it economically, since we do have that upgrade, that 'free' looks pretty good to me," Phillips said.

"We're going to get it installed and everything, the surround sound, a huge TV. That's what we do, we watch movies," Thibeault said.

It's a shopping trend that seems to be a hit every year.