Residents Contesting WCS Election in Andrews

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - Two Andrews voters are taking legal action against their County Judge. They say there's something fishy about last month's close election. Some residents claim at least one voter outside Andrews County may have illegally cast a ballot.

When you have an election that's decided by three votes, and then a recount after that, it shows just how important each vote can be. That's why two residents said Andrews County Judge Richard Dolgener should come forward with all the information and material from last month's close election when residents voted to loan tens of millions of dollars to Waste Control Specialists. 

Peggy and Melodye Pryor, who are members of the group "No Bonds for Billionaires," claim there were numerous problems in the May 9th election. This week, they have formally filed paperwork to contest the election, saying multiple people from outside of Andrews may have illegally voted. They also said that some absentee ballots may not have been counted.

In addition, the two have also filed "Requests for Production" looking for lists of voters to confirm who is and isn't allowed to vote. A judge outside of the judicial district is expected to review the legal action. A response to this challenge could come in the next ten to twenty days. 

NewsWest 9 will keep you posted.