Local Tattoo Artist Offering Medical Tattoos to Those with Medical Conditions

by Silvia Gonzales
NewsWest 9

No matter what you may think of tattoos, they've always been about making a statement.

But now, some are trading in their medical bracelets for a more permanent warning.

You can say good bye to the medical tags and hello to medical tattoos.

While many people don't want their medical condition known, others are getting it tattooed.

Adriana Molinar not only is a tattoo artist, he is also a survivor of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

For her, having the tattoo is a daily reminder of the fight she endures everyday.

"I had been debating on whether I wanted the actual teal ribbon, or if I wanted boxing gloves or anything representing that I have to fight it on a daily basis," Molinar said.

Most of the medical tattoos that she has done have been for breast cancer and PCOS patients.

Even though she has not done any tattoos that symbolize a person being allergic to any medication, she says that she wouldn't mind doing it because she knows that it would help them in the future.