Midland County Woman Battling Post Office Over Mail Delivery

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY--Rain, sleet or snow may not keep the postman from delivering your mail, but according to Glenda Southerland, in the past five years, no matter what the weather, she's lucky to get her mail at all.

"My sister gets my mail.  I get her mail and I get my neighbor's mail from time to time.   My son moved out there 18 years ago and he gets my mail almost everyday and he has to bring it to me," Southerland said.

Glenda and her sister have lived at 1200 North County Road in Midland County for 35 years.   In that time, they have had 5 address changes.  But never have they had problems getting their daily mail until now.

"Five years ago, when we got a new carrier bringing our mail to us, that's when our mail started getting routed to different Post Office boxes out there," Glenda explained.

She says repeated calls to Post Office officials for help get the same response, "For 5 years they keep telling me, 'we'll get it straightened out.'  So far, they've done nothing."
NewsWest 9 called the post office too.   We were told they were looking into the matter.

About a month ago, Southerland got what she thought was a bit of hope.   A representative from the Midland 911 service suggested she change her address, but that only aggravated the situation.

"Today (Thursday) was the day I had just had enough, when I found out that the address the 911 service gave me, belongs to someone else," she said.

Glenda's patience has reached it's limit.   She says Post Office officials tell her they can't do anything since they aren't the ones who changed her address.

The Southerlands have had trouble with utilitity bills, insurance statements, and other important personal mail items.  According to Glenda, the Post Office offers no comfort, "The Post Office has become a place where, they're not caring about the mail that's delivered.  They're always telling me this is a rural route.  It seems as though people outside of the City of Midland are not getting the personal care that they do inside the City of Midland."

Glenda says as of Thursday, her address will be changed back to the original address.  She was also told not to be surprised if this change caused a temporary mix-up in her mail delivery.