Popularity Soaring for Free Dental Screenings

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

When the economy slows, preventive health care often goes by the wayside, but hundreds of Basin kids are flashing their smiles for a free dental screening.

Luke Rodriquez and his brother Jacob flashed their pearly whites at a free dental screening.

"A lot of people take advantage of this since everyone is on a tight budget and trying to make ends meet," Celina Rodriquez, Luke and Jacob's Mother, said.

They are not alone, Casa de Amigos inviting the Department of State Health Services for an extra day of screening due to the need.

"We have one hundred kids today, we saw 78 yesterday," Dr. Nana Lopez said.

Lopez tells NewsWest 9, that when times get tough, dental care is often put on the back burner.

The goal is prevention for a healthy smile tomorrow.

"When we do our statewide analysis 40 percent of children have untreated dental disease," Rodriquez said.

For Jacob, it means sealant at a later appointment, and Luke gets a dose of melon flavored fluoride.

Their mother has peace of mind that her children's smiles are healthy.

"It's a good program, and it's free, and we get info that we do need. It is very beneficial," Rodriquez said.