High Winds Send Some Vendors Home Early at Old Sorehead Trade Days

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

STANTON- Damage from high winds forced some vendors at the Old Sorehead Trade Days to pack up and leave early on Sunday.

"We saw a lot of these tents just like this one down the street rolled over." Mike Nay, a second year vendor said he went back Saturday night to take down his tent. "It's a good thing we came back that evening to take down our tarp to get it off before it landed in that tree over there."

Shawna Burch, Director of the Old Sorehead Trade Days said volunteers spent the good part of Saturday evening picking up tents moved and mangled by the high winds.

"It was hard to imagine what it actually looked like," Burch said. "It was almost like a tornado had hit. Merchandise was blowing down the street."

The vendors with tents still standing spent the last Old Sorehead Trade Day of the summer selling goods but not everyone stuck around.

"A lot of them took off because they couldn't recover from what they lost. So they went home," Nay said.

The next Old Soreheads Trade Days are October 10th-11th.

"We've had small things like this but how it was last night with all the destruction, it is by far the worst we've ever had," Burch said.