Two Women Preparing for Fighting Competition

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - For two local women, kickbox training is not something they take very lightly especially since they're less than a week away from competition.

"I feel like I'm ready, but I'm nervous. This is my first fight, I don't know what to expect but it's a good kind of nervous," Kickbox Fighter Samantha Murphee, said.

"It's good spirit, good cardio, and it really gets you in shape," Kickbox Fighter Lolly Avila, said.

Both Lolly Avila and Samantha Murphee will be fighting for the first time, in the 'Knuckle Up' competition on Saturday in New Mexico. 

Their trainer says these girls have what it takes to fight in that ring.

"They're beautiful women, but they can scrap if they need to. I think most of the time people underestimate their beauty," Kickbox Trainer Sami Jurado, said.

"Since I was a little girl I liked it, I was kind of girly then, but now I just love watching the sport. It's fun and entertaining for you and the people," Murphee said.

For these girls, it's not just about winning a competition, but learning a mode of self defense to benefit them in the long run.

"If you're at a park and someone comes behind you, you'll know how to punch or kick them. It basically helps in any dangerous situation you can be in," Avila said.

"I try to teach them self defense with the technique. They're doing this for the passion, it's like someone that likes to do basketball. Any effort you make in this sport, will show in your fight," Jurado said.

Avila says even if she doesn't win at Saturday's fight, she won't be putting down the boxing gloves anytime soon.

"If I don't continue fighting. I'll just continue the maintenance of being in shape with this sport. Even if it is just for the work out," Avila said.