Four ECISD Employees Out of Job After Email Investigation

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Zero Tolerance is the reason school officials in Ector County said four district employees are out of a job. It's all part of a district investigation into pornographic emails.

This week, ECISD officials tell NewsWest 9, they've made some progress in investigating work emails that contained sexually explicit or pornographic material.

In total, four former employees are connected with those emails. Last week, NewsWest 9 first reported on Robby Quilodran, who said he was forced to resign after getting blamed for forwarding the emails. Officials say two more workers resigned last week, another was fired. As of Friday, officials said the investigation is over. They also tell us no one was ever forced to resign. However, Quilodran told NewsWest 9 on Friday, that's not true.   

"I was called in with a high supervisor, and he advised me that I either needed to resign or be fired," Quilodran explained. "I didn't resign then I would go down in flames with the rest of everybody else."

Quilodran also commented on hearing more employees resigned: "I'm not surprised, but the investigation was supposed to lead to finding out what was going on, not just firing people and letting people go. It was supposed to resolve issues."

Again, school officials said they're finished with the investigation, and already found and took action against those responsible. No word exactly how widespread the emails were, but Quilodran said he saw a variety of men and women who had received them. They also said no charges will be filed against any of the former employees.