8-Year-Old Midland Boy Hailed as a Hero

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND--In person, Draven Carter is a shy, quiet little boy.  But when he saw his mom in distress, he handled himself like someone much older.

"Midland 9-1-1."  "My mom's having a baby."  "Your mom's having a baby?"  "Mmmhmmm."  "Where do you live at, sweetie."  "My mom's water just broke."  "Okay, got'em on the way, okay sweetie?"  "Thank you."  "Okay, Thank you."

That was a portion of the call to 9-1-1.   In the background, you can hear mother Aiyana Carter's hysterical cries.   A complete contrast to Draven's calm, cool attitude.

"I was surprised at how calm he was.  He was just going with the flow.  He just took control and just did what he thought he needed to do," Aiyana said.

The ambulance arrived and rushed her to the hospital, just in time.

"They delivered him within 4 minutes.  They said there was no pulse or a low pulse in the cord, so it was life or death," Aiyana explained.

Draven admits he was a bit scared, but knew what he had to do, "Because if it's an emergency you can call 911, because 911 helps."

Folks around town say he's a hero and Draven knows why, "Because I saved my baby brother."

"I feel the same way because if he hadn't, he wouldn't be here," a tearful Aiyana agreed.

Four kids and baby makes five.   Draven says he has always wanted another baby brother.
He's already planning what to do when little Roanan Douglas gets older, "Teach him how to ride a skateboard, ride a bike and stuff."

Aiyana and her husband can't say enough about their son, "We tell him all the time how proud we are because we ask an awful lot of him and sometimes we forget he's only 8."

The Carters now urge all parents to teach their children the importance of how to use 911, no matter how old they are.