Hobbs Police See Spike in Criminal Property Damage

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

HOBBS- The bullet holes left behind are tiny, but fixing a big broken window is not cheap. Since school let out for summer 19 days ago, police in Hobbs say they're investigating nearly two dozen criminal property damage reports.
"You can see it's moving along so now we're going to have to replace the glass and the signage," Lorrie Tramell, supervisor at 1st Staffing Group USA, said as she pointed out damage at her office in Hobbs.

Police say every year teens use BB guns to shoot out windows around town.

"Officers told us probably they were out and bored and thought this would be fun," Tramell said.

Ace Hardware on Bender Avenue has been hit no less than four times in the last five years. This time employees tell NewsWest 9 management decided to replace the windows with walls.

"A lot of times the businesses are on the main roads and the same businesses get hit every year," Officer Stone said. "If you do have a teenager make sure they aren't loading up in the car with a BB gun."

Officer Stone reminds parents judges will often force parents to pay for the damage caused by juveniles. He also warns parents BB guns or new air soft or paint ball guns can look realistic and confuse police thus making them even more dangerous for teens.

"I think if you are a parent, you need to take responsibility and teach your kids what the guns are used for," Tramell said.

Businesses targeted during the last few weeks include Hastings on Turner.

"We really need parents help here in Hobbs to keep the kids off the street," Officer Stone said.