DTV Switch Approaching

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

Unless you have a Digital TV, cable, satellite, or a converter box, on June 12th all you will see is snow.

The switchover is confusing.  So NewsWest 9 went to Radio Shack with our questions.

Radio Shack has the converter boxes on sale for $54.99 and you can get a government coupon for 40 dollars.

J.D. Wood, the manager at Radio Shack, said setting up the box is simple and should only take a few minutes.

"You just plug your antenna into the box, into the TV from the box all you need is a coax cable or a red white and yellow one and that is it," Wood said.

He says programming the box is also easy.

"Turn your TV on. Then push the menu button and follow the guidelines on it using a wizard screen." Wood said.

Wood explains you will also need an antenna.

"If you are inside the city limits an inside antenna will be fine outside the city limits will need one on your roof about 6 feet up," he said.

If you still have questions, visit or call Radio Shack to find more information